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crockpot. Message, message is required. It was good chicken, tender and moist, but not really jerk chicken. And you guys are going to love this- I even kept track of my shopping list to share with yall (just save moviepass coupon free month the picture above). We really liked the appetizer (fried tofu lettuce cups) but the jerk chicken was not spicy at all. Also, I can only vouch for the coconut curry chicken (delicious!) and the honey rosemary chicken (crowd favorite around here- seriously yummy!). I also write the cooking directions on the outside of each freezer bag (including what to add besides the contents of the bag) so that I dont have to look anything up, just add to the crockpot and press some buttons.

Chicago curry house coupon code
chicago curry house coupon code

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I know that this will sound silly, but this freezer crockpot stuff feels absolutely revolutionary. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs, 1 chopped red pepper, onion, chopped, 1/2 t cumin, 2 T cilantro (optional). We grind our ginger. Your email Email Address is required. Ginger, Ground China "Number One ginger root has a sharply sweet, warm flavor thats called for in both sweet and savory recipes around the world.