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when no one wants to eat pizza. Tired and hungry, we broke from the crowd and stepped into some pizza place, the first one we saw. Pizza doesnt do well in San Francisco because, like the sonnet and the blues song, it responds poorly to innovation. The toppings are tasty but not reflexively exotic; the crust is chewy but not too. I have eaten in San Francisco for seven years now, and I swear that Giorgios, an unpretentious restaurant in the Richmond, is the only place where Ive eaten a good, honest, ordinary American pizza. But San Franciscos pizza chefs, like ballers with flashy moves but no grasp of the fundamentals, are too busy experimenting with fancy toppings and alternative sauces to spend time on something as pedestrian as a perfect slice. You should be able to pick up the phone and, after the federally mandated 45-minute wait time, receive a hot pie.

San Francisco likes foods that it can gussy up or riff on or reinterpret. Giorgios has a local monopoly on a basic service, and yet I dont see any regulatory agencies or consumer watchdog groupsor even this papers editorial pageraising a finger. And theres a minimum charge of 25 to get your prethree.m. Use this application for quick and easy ordering of your favorite pizza. In this sense, pizza isnt a food so much as a utility: less necessary than energy or water but more than cable or DSL. PizzaIm addressing New York-style thin-crust heredoes not need to be reinterpreted. For more information, or to see the full version of our online ordering site, please visit our website. This is the Android Application for Giorgio's Pizzeria, located in San Francisco,.

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(Word to those who would involve pizza in fusion cuisine: pizza is already a fusion cuisine, merging the Italian flavors of mozzerella and marinara with the Anglo-American pie form.). Its as if PG E shut off our power at three.m. Giorgios Pizza, half a decade in San Francisco will do terrible things to a person. You can get a decent pizza here. We have Cable Car, where the pizza tastes perhaps slightly better than the cardboard box it comes in but they deliver it until.m. Its thin but not too thin. Half a decade in San Francisco will do terrible things to a person. Its not an impossible culinary featcountless anonymous dough-tossers in holes in walls across the country pull it off fifty times a night. Why is this allowed to happen? For delivery we have Mozzarella di Bufala, where the ingredients are good but the eponymous cheese disequilibrates the gestalt. For walk-in slices theres Escape from New York, which tastes like perfectly good pizza that has somehow been dehydrated, perhaps by nasa scientists; Arinell, where they seem to view the sauce as a kind of lubricant to be sparingly dabbed between cheese and crust rather.