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afraid to die. He ends the episode having checked himself into a mental ward. The Musai is an elfin creature based off the legend of the leanan sidhe, a type of fairy muse who inspires artistic passion but ultimately leads her victims to madness and death. And also the dumbest. When Nick showed scientific evidence the Graussen was not a demon or spirit, but a parasite that could be destroyed through exposing the host to extreme cold, he added that the boy infected by this was not to be touched by the Council, citing the.

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Other wesen tend to freak out or attack the Grimm, or just go mad. To anyone but a Grimm, that. Especially if you're a pregnant woman. Furthermore, given their similar methods and outfits, it's subtly implied that the Reapers were created as a reaction to the Endezeichen Grimms. Some wesen have more violent instincts than others, but all of them are perfectly capable of living ( somewhat ) ordinary, moral, law-abiding lives if they try. She dies in the second episode.

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