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such as high blood levels of calcium or triglycerides, some infections, such as mumps or viral hepatitis. In some cases, a computed tomography (CT) scan may be done. Bending over or lying on your side may reduce the pain. Most first episodes of acute pancreatitis that are not related to alcohol use cannot be prevented. They may require monitoring or additional treatment. The scan also may show whether you have pancreatic pseudocysts. Mild to moderate pancreatitis often goes away on its own within one week. If the cause is gallstones, gallbladder surgery will usually be recommended to prevent future attacks. Pancreatitis caused by heavy drinking is likely to come back if drinking continues.

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Immediate surgery is technically more difficult and can make pancreatitis worse. These will help to prevent or treat infection in the pancreas or surrounding tissues. You will not be allowed to eat or drink until your symptoms begin to improve. Add to Cart, compare, your shopping bag. Anyone who already has had one episode of pancreatitis caused by alcohol should stop drinking entirely. Alcohol use may be over a period of time or in a single binge.

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